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Episode 13 - J. Michael Roddy

We could not have thought of a better guest for Episode 13. J. Michael Roddy is a name that most Horror Nights fans know, but you don't know the whole story! We dive deep into his background and talk about the major impact he had in shaping HHN into what it is today. He was responsible for nearly every creative aspect of HHN. He is credited as the creator of the Icon... His babies include The Caretaker, Bloody Mary, The Usher and ,of course, Jack.

He is also the director of a new film called Monster Kids! Monster Kids delves into the darkened abyss of the Laboratories and crypts to investigate the continued impact of Monsters on the youth and the culture of America.

You can find out about it at :

It's an incredible interview and we can't wait to bring him on again for a part 2. Enjoy an hour with J. Michael Roddy!

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